The Final Blast | CUDDLY GIANTS

After working all night, Professor Grau has finally figured out the Shrink Ray. He enlists his daughter Gertie to help him test it out before they blast the giant kittens. Just as they pull the trigger, the Mayor walks in causing Grau to turn and… BLAZZAP, shrink the Mayor. The good news is the ray works! The bad news is they now have a little mayor to deal with. After some trial and error, the professor is able to reverse the ray back. They zap the mayor again and… it works! He begins to grow! He gets bigger and bigger and BIGGER!

These fluffy kittens are cuddly… and GIGANTIC! When kooky scientist Henry Grau accidentally
blasts a litter of sweet, innocent, cute–as-can- be kittens with his new Ginormous Ray [patent
pending], the city erupts in chaos. While Professor Grau works feverishly to reverse the ray, his
whiz-kid daughter Gertie tries to wrangle the enormous kittens before they destroy the city, or
worse, the crazy Mayor and Angry Mob catch them. Gulp!

→ Credits ←
Professor Henry Grau: JOE GAUDET
Mayor: AL PARK

Written & Produced by: DAVID TREXLER
Executive Produced by: NIKKI LEVY & BIRKNER RAWLINGS
DP / Compositing Editor / VFX: NICHOLAS MARIANI
Storyboard Artist: STEVE YOUNG
Location Sound: BRIAN MCNAMEE
Sound Design/ Mix: BRIAN SMITH

Special Thanks
The Cat Connection, Waltham MA
North Shore Animal League America

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Some Images used under license from

Some 3D Models used under license from TurboSquid Some music used under license from

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