Join Sky today as he goes through this insane Parkour map where the entire goal is to get to the end without touching the ground!

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Hey guys, welcome back to another Minecraft video! Today SkyDoesMinecraft is playing a Minecraft parkour map called Don’t Trust the Floor! He begins by jumping right onto the floor – clearly, he didn’t get the memo that you can’t trust the floor (although he did get some bad advice from Smash Mouth, so he’s not completely to blame). He treats us to a beautiful rendition of “All Star” as he jumps through the trees and dies. He makes it past the trees and into a building, but he messes up and has no choice but to kill himself to start over. He then proceeds to do the exact same thing. And then one more time. He finally makes it through that killer building, but he still has a ways to go before he’s safe from being sent back, and you know how this goes. He doesn’t make it. This makes him reckless and hasty to return to his spot, which inevitably leads to two or twelve deaths, but Sky finally makes it to a checkpoint and moves on to some ladder parkour. Next he has to climb his way up some trees, after which he has to jump onto a fence and then through a graveyard atop the tombstones (terribly disrespectful, tsk tsk). He makes it to the end, but he has to cross a road to get into the building, and I mean, you know he dies. Like come on. Of course. This makes Sky real angry, which makes him real reckless, which makes him real dead a real big number of times. After making it back to his spot tantalizingly close to the end, he figures out he can break the windows of the house of winning and climb upstairs, where he locates the button he must press to win. That’s it for this Minecraft Don’t Trust the Floor! Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time!

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